Jenny spoke to over 400 students and faculty at James Madison University last week.  Her four presentations were eye opening for many…and truly transformational for others.  Her passionate approach and undeniable evidence created an atmosphere of true learning and intelligent dialogue among students, and they found her accessible, knowledgeable, and wonderfully friendly. We will have her back to speak each year!

Dr. Eric Pappas
James Madison University


I am a professor at SUNY-Sullivan in New York, and it has been my extreme pleasure to get to know Jenny Brown.  I teach a Food Ethics class at the college, and it was about seven years ago that I first took my students to The Farm Animal Sanctuary in Woodstock.  A third of my course is discussion of the ethics of eating animals.  For most of my students, this is a concept that they’ve never considered.  I thought it would be good for them to see the animals up close, but I had no idea that meeting Jenny and having a tour of the Sanctuary with her would transform their lives.  Me, too.

It’s hard to explain all the ways that Jenny opens one’s eyes.  She’s funny, brilliant, caring, honest, sensitive, informed, and incredibly good at talking to students at a level that they can follow and understand.  She knows every animal by name and exactly all the ways they behave.  My students came to understand how animals are so much like people.  They have their unique ways, whether they’re pigs, goats, cows, or chickens.  By the end of the tour, all the students had enormous smiles on their faces.  Life changing.

After that day, I made the trip to the Woodstock Sanctuary a requirement for Food Ethics.  When Jenny Brown’s book came out, I immediately made that a text for the class.  Not surprisingly, it became the favorite book among the students. 

Jenny is a remarkable teacher and lecturer.  In my experience I can’t think of anyone who has done a better job of communicating to people.  She has a special skill when it comes to sharing information, but more than that, she gets people to think. 

Dr. Timothy M. Russell


I am writing to highly recommend Jenny Brown and to encourage you to provide students with the opportunity to learn from a remarkable person and educator. I have witnessed Jenny deliver a powerful keynote address to a packed audience at the Conference of the North American Vegetarian Society, connect with college students while giving a passionate, yet fact-filled talk, and generously give two and half hours of her time touring students at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. I have appreciated students’ incredibly positive reaction to her talk and her book, “The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals”. Over the past several years, students taking the First Year Seminar “Animals” that I teach have described being changed by her story and that of the individual animals that she has cared for.

Jenny Brown, given her personal story, professional experiences, knowledge, and elite communication skills, is uniquely qualified to deliver talks on the lives of animals, the health of our planet, and the power of personal decision-making. Jenny has the ability to connect with students’ hearts while also sparking their intellectual curiosities.

I recommend Jenny Brown with complete confidence and a renewed sense of hope knowing that one of the world’s most effective communicators is challenging students to think critically and to identify ways that they can align their values and practices to address some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Chris Hirschler, PhD, MCHES
Chair & Associate Professor
Department of Health and Physical Education
Monmouth University