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Jenny Brown is a longtime animal rights advocate and Co-Founder of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in High Falls, New York--one of the country’s most recognized and respected sanctuaries for farmed animals. She previously worked in film and television until she went undercover in Texas to film farmed animal abuse. That experience led her to dedicate her life to helping farm animals and raise awareness of their plight. Jenny’s story and the work of her sanctuary has been featured in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, NPR’s The Diane Rehm Show and more. She is the author of an award-winning memoir-with-a-mission The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight For Farm Animals.



An unlikely path to becoming an outspoken animal activist and founder of a sanctuary for farmed animals

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Each year in the United States, 10 billion land animals are raised and killed for meat, eggs, and milk. Statistically, farm animals comprise 98 percent of all animals in the country with whom we interact directly--but who are they? and where are they?

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